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GRC Microforms Collection by Region

The collections below are on standard microfiche or 35mm microfilm. The number and letter following each collection title refer to the cabinet and drawer in which the collections are stored. 



  • Far Eastern Economic Review, 1983-2004 (6e-f) – An English-language weekly news magazine based in Hong Kong and published from 1946 to 2009. 
  • FBIS Asia and the Pacific, 1967-1987 (4c-e) – Daily reports on events from U.S. State Department staff.
  • FBIS East Asia, 1987-1996 (4f)
  • FBIS Far East, 1952-1967 (4a-b)
  • JPRS East Asia, China, and Japan, 1987-1993 (2e) – In-depth, analytical reports on regional politics, military affairs, and economic developments by the JPRS, a US government-sponsored organization.
  • OSS Part II – Postwar Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, 1945-1952 (1d) – Intelligence and research reports from the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and State Department from the 1920s to 1949.
  • OSS Part III – India, 1919-1947 (1d)
  • OSS Part VIII – Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, 1950-1961 (1d)    OSS Part IX – India, 1950-1961 (1d)    


  • China, Internal Affairs, 1945-1949 (6g)
  • Confidential U.S. State Department files covering the economic, social, political, and military affairs of China from the end of the Second World War to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
  • CIA Research Reports: China, 1946-1976 (6d) – The topics covered include agriculture, balance of payments, the Chinese Communist Party, the Cultural Revolution, the Sino-Soviet split, dissident activities, economics, foreign policy, Indochina, military issues, and threat evaluations.
  • FBIS Communist China, 1967-1971 (4g)
  • FBIS People's Republic of China, 1972-1996 (4h-j)
  • OSS Part III – China, 1937-1949 (1d)
  • OSS Part IX – China, 1950-1961 (1d)
  • Renmin Ribao (People's Daily), 1950-1985 (6a-b) – The official daily newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party. In Chinese.
  • Shih Pao (Truth Post), 1936-1944 (6c) – Beijing newspaper published during the Japanese occupation. In Chinese.
  • US Military Intelligence Reports, China, 1911-1941 (6d) – Intelligence reports of American military attaches and their staffs in China during 1911-1941. 


  • Asahi Shimbun, 1888-1962 (8a-j)
  • Chūōkōron (Central Review), 1887-1944 (3h-j)
  • Daily Summary of the Japanese Press, 1952-1992 (9a-c)
  • Japan Times, 1897-1983 (8d-j)
  • Japan: Internal Affairs, 1945-1949 - US State Dept Central Files, 1945-1954 (3a-b)
  • MAGIC Documents: Diplomatic Communications of Japan, 1938-1945 (3c)
  • Mainichi Shimbun (Mainichi Daily News) 1922-1971 (3d-g)
  • Occupation of Japan, 1942-1945 (2i)
  • Saionji-Harada Memoirs, 1930-1940 (3c) 


  • Middle East Economic Digest, 1979-1987 (1c)
  • OSS Part VII – The Middle East, 1941-1949 (1d) 



Prague Spring, 1967-1969 (1e)


  • Den, 1991-1993 (1g)
  • FBIS Soviet Union, 1968-1983 (5g-h)
  • JPRS Soviet Union, 1983-1993 (2b-c)
  • Literaturnaia Gazeta, 1955-1996 (1g)
  • Nauchnaia Informatsiia, Voprosy borby s prestupnostiu, 1967-1988 (1e)
  • OSS Part VI – Soviet Union, 1941-1949 (1d)
  • Russia: International Relations in the Imperial Period, 1878-1917 (1g)
  • Russian Newspapers, alphabetically by title, 1949-1993 (1h-j)


Independent Press, Ukraine, 1989-1994 (1f)    


  • ABREES/Transdex, 1978-1996 (2a)
  • JPRS Eastern Europe, 1979-1994 (2d)
  • FBIS Soviet Union / Central Eurasia, 1984-1996 (5i-j)
  • FBIS USSR and Eastern Europe, 1954-1969 (5a-c)
  • FBIS Eastern Europe, 1969-1995 (5d-f)
  • OSS Part V – Postwar Europe, 1944-1949 (1d) 


  • Cuba: Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs, 1955-1959 (1b)
  • La Prensa, 1981-1990 (1a) 


  • Annual Reports of the World's Central Banks, 1983-1998 (7e-f)
  • CIS National Statistical Compendia, alphabetical by country, 1970-2005 (7a-d)
  • National Security Archive, 1945-2000 (2f-h)
  • Problems of Communism, 1952-1979 (1c)
  • Terrorism: Special Studies Series, 1975-1985 (1b)