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Getting Started

Teaching a successful course begins with thoughtful planning. We encourage faculty to either contact us or work through their departments to begin the planning process well before the first day of class.

Highlighting What Makes Your Course Unique

Whether you are teaching in a physical classroom, online, or a combination, each of these can present its own set of benefits as well as challenges. We can help you analyze the needs of your students by identifying what you want your students to learn from the course and what students are bringing to the course.

Considering Your Student Audience

Are they undergraduate or graduate students? Are they mostly full-time or part-time students? Do they come with prerequisite knowledge (and/or might you need to assess this at the start of the course)?

Thinking about Your Needs as a Teacher

How many assignments do you need to grade and how are they staggered throughout the semester? Given the student workload in the course, will you be able to provide timely and constructive feedback to your students? Thinking through these questions and others will help you best manage your course and time.

Understanding Motivation for Learning

There is an expanding body of research on how learning works and what motivates students to engage with, and stay engaged with, the learning process. We know that for someone to feel motivated they need to value what they are attempting to learn. They also need to have an expectation that they can be successful. Course planning and design will help you create a class environment that fosters value and expectancy for students.