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George Washington University Archives Collections


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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0047 Assistant Dean for Judicial Affairs and Educational Services Records 1954-1988
RG0040 Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research Records 1968-1995
  Bricks without Straw: The Evolution of George Washington University [Electronic Resource]  
MS2253 Brown (Obadiah Bruen) Family Papers 1807-1941
RG0048 Career and Cooperative Education Center Records 1951-1988
RG0033 Center for Washington Area Studies 1975-1992
RG0121 Center for Continuing Education and Workshop Records 1962-1990
RG0046 Dean of Students Records 1968-1992
RG0087 Dimock Gallery Records 1963-2000
RG0050 Educational Opportunities Program Records 1969-1990 
RG0035 Equal Employment Office Records  1974-2006
RG0063 Facilities Department Records 1904-1998
MS2296 French (Roderick S.) Papers 1969-2011
RG0127 George Washington University Bulletin Records 1821-2006
MS0766 Howard (Ron) Papers 1958-1999
RG0128 Institute for Educational Leadership Records 1972-1984
RG0036 Institutional Research Office Records 1971-1990
RG0055 Lisner Auditorium Records 1946-2005
RG0052 Marvin Center Administrative Office Records 1948-2004
RG0149 Medical Service Records 1980-2003
RG0053 Office of Admissions Records 1904-2000
RG0026 Office of Alumni Relations Records 1848-2005
RG0064 Office of the Comptroller Records 1874-2002
RG0060 Office of Graduate Medical Education Records 1940-2001
RG0002 Office of the President Records 1828-2017
RG0099 Office of Professional Development 1980-2002
RG0037 Office of the Provost Records 1944-1985
RG0066 Office of Records and Benefits Records 1954-1992
RG0041 Office of the Registrar Records 1822-2005
RG0038 Office of Sponsored Research Records 1942-1996
RG0067 Office of Telecommunications Records 1896-2003
RG0065 Office of Training Records 1865-2002
RG0044 Office of University Relations Records 1888-2005
RG0111 Office of University Special Events Records 1981-2005
RG0004 Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs 1894-2003
MS0260 Rice (Luther) Papers 1904-1998
RG0028 Sigur Center for Asian Studies Records 1992-1998
  Staughton (William) Collection [Digital Collection]  
RG0008 Treasurers Office Records 1903-1990
RG0049 University Counseling Center Records 1963-1989
RG0043 University Marshal Records 1825-2005
RG0021 Vice President for Information and Administration Services Records 1945-1998
RG0005 Vice President for Development and University Relations Records 1820-2003
RG0006 Vice President for Student and Academic Support Services Records circa 1821- 2005

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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2130 Alumni Class Materials 1823-1998
MS0218 Bates (David) Papers 1940-1998
MS2147 Brady (Luther) Papers 1965-2004
MS2035 Crain (Darrell C., Jr.) Presidential Inaugural Collection 1817-1989
MS2059 Danzansky (Joseph B.) Papers 1968-1989
MS1008.UA Doherty (Emmett Edward) scrapbook and loose photograph collection 1919-1921
MS0776 Gnehm (Edward William "Skip," Jr.) Papers 1965-1966
MS0254 Evans (Jesse Fant) Papers 1912-1962
MS2063 Goldblatt (Joe Jeff) Papers 1984-1997
MS0670 Goode (James M.) Papers C.1860-2017 
MS0515 Hanback (Hazel) Papers 1931-1937
MS0002 Ickow (Marvin) Papers 1975-1988
MS0516 Katz (Samuel I.) Papers 1937-1993
MS0983 Kramer (Dr. Milton R.) Papers 1916-1946
RG0029 Library Science Alumni Association Records 1894-1974
MS0256 Nicholson (Margaret Mary) Papers 1975-1988
MS0155 Ray (Donald) Papers 1938-1992
MS0656 Stein (Murray) Artifact Collection on Computer History 1940-1990
MS2111 Van Dyke (Jan) Papers 1964-2005
MS2317 Weiss (Armand) Washington Academy of Sciences and George Washington University related materials collection 1968-1992
MS2261 White (Emilie Margaret) Papers 1917-1972

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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2140 Reinhart (William) Papers 1920-1993
MS2141 Ryan (Bill) Papers 1932-1966
MS0217 Shirley (Dallas) Papers 1950-1982

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Board of Trustees

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0001 Board of Trustees Records 1821-2003

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Business and Public Management, School

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0116 Benjamin Franklin University Records 1925-1994
RG0098 Office of Fellowships and Scholarships, School of Business and Public Management Records 1951-1989
RG0013 School of Business and Public Management Records 1925-2004

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0069 Columbian College Alumni Association Records 1965-1993
RG0068 Columbian College Office of the Dean Records 1873-1990
RG0016 Division of Continuing Education Records 1937-1999
RG0098 Office of Fellowships and Scholarships, School of Business and Public Management Records 1951-1989

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Department Records

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0082 American Studies Department Records 1953-1998
RG0086 Anthropology Department Records 1973-1992
RG0091 Art Therapy Department Records 1950-1990
RG0054 Athletics and Recreation Department Records 1907-2006
RG0088 Biological Sciences Department Records 1937-1979
RG0089 Chemistry Department Records  1893-1983
RG0130 Classics Department Records 1963-1996
RG0148 Department of Economics Records 1999
RG0070 English Department Records 1895-2006
RG0071 English for International Students Records 1975-1990
RG0009 Germanic Studies Department Records 1970-1995
RG0100 Health Services Management and Policy Department Records 1968-2000
RG0073 History Department Records 1905-1998
RG0125 Human Kinetics and Leisure Studies Department Records 1930-2003
RG0094 Human Services Department Records 1960-1985
RG0150 Program in Judaic Studies Records 2000-2007
RG0074 Mathematics Department Records 1990-2004
RG0092 Museum Studies Department Records 1976-2002
RG0075 Music Department Records 1898-2004
RG0042 Naval Science Department Records 1944-1991
RG0076 Philosophy Department Records 1904-1996
RG0077 Physics Department Records 1935-200
RG0059 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Records 1967-1995
RG0078 Psychology Department Records 1925-2000
RG0118 Public Policy Program Records  1973-1987
RG0079 Religion Department Records 1951-1987
RG0080 Romance Languages and Literature Department Records 1958-1992
RG0081 Speech and Hearing Department Records 1950-1989
RG0083  Statistics Department Records 1965-1996
RG0084 Theatre and Dance Department Records 1937-2007
RG0101 Urban and Regional Planning Department Records 1961-1993
RG0093 Women's Studies Department Records 1965-1998

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Education and Human Development, Graduate School of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0011 Graduate School of Education and Human Development Records 1930-1996

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Engineering and Applied Science, School of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0131 Continuing Engineering Education Records 1968-1995
RG0096 Engineering Administration (Management) Department Records 1965-1989
RG0095 Institute for Management Science and Engineering Records 1948-1987
RG0097  Operations Research Department Records 1967-1990
RG0012 School of Engineering and Applied Science Records 1917-2002

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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2008 Alpert (Seymour) Papers 1946-1993
MS2123 Baker (Courtland) Papers undated
MS0250 Bartsch (Paul) Papers 1894-1945
MS0001 Brown (David) Papers 1915-1989
MS2150 Burtner (Elizabeth) Papers 1903-2003
MS2035 Crain (Darrell C., Jr.) Presidential Inaugural Collection 1817-1989
MS2295 Crandall (Norris Ingersoll) Papers 1935-1954
MS0125 Cunliffe (Marcus) Papers 1960-1990
MS0657 Etzioni (Amitai) Papers 1941-1965
MS2132 Faculty Papers and Memorabilia 1823-2001
RG0039 Faculty Personnel Records 1945-2002
RG0003 Faculty Senate Records 1937-2004
RG0085 Faculty Women's Club Records 1930-1992
MS0803 Freeman (Walter) and Watts (James) Papers 1918-1988
MS2191 Gale (Dennis) Papers 1903-1989
MS0252 Gamow (George) Papers 1934-1955
MS0644 Gillette (Howard F.) Papers 1987-2018
MS2063 Goldblatt (Joe Jeff) Papers 1984-1997
MS0246 Gray (Wood) Papers 1918-1973
MS1006 Griffith (William) Papers 1960-2014
MS0244 Gutheim (Frederick) Papers 1966-1974
MS2227 Halal (William) Papers circa 1980-circa 2000
MS0352 Hill (Peter P.) Papers 1965-1994
MS0126 Hoffman (George) Papers 1965-1990
MS0356 Hunt (Thelma) Papers 1941-1989
MS2272 Johnston (Francis Edgar) Papers circa 1926
MS0245 Kayser (Elmer Louis) Papers 1824-1985
MS2280 Kennedy (Robert Emmet, Jr.) Papers 1960-2012
MS0748 King (James C.) Papers 1837-1968
MS0370 Latimer (John) Papers 1944-1988
MS2292 Lehman (Donald R.) 1964-2000
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
MS0242 Mason (John Russell) Papers 1931-1966
MS2051 McAleavey (David W.) Papers 1977-1993
MS0567 McGrath (Dorn Charles) Papers 1973-1987
MS0440 Michael (Franz H.) Papers 1966-1986
MS0253 Munroe (Charles) Papers 1882-1936
MS0257 Newberry (John Strong) Papers 1898
MS2278 Osborn (Ruth) Papers 1957-2005
MS0155 Ray (Donald) Papers 1938-1992
MS0601 Reesing (John Palmer) Papers 1964-1982
MS0849 Robb (James W.) Papers 1938-2000
MS2384 Roberts (Walter R.) Papers 1945-2016
MS0248 Shephard (Ernest) Papers 1939-1950
MS2279 Steiner (George) Papers 1955-1994
MS0207 Tidball (Charles S.) Papers 1949-1999
MS0704 Travell (Janet G.) Papers 1910-1997
MS0247 Ward (Lester Frank) Papers 1888-1913

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Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs, Office of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0034 Academic Publications Office Records 1943-2004
RG0126 Graduate Council Records 1925-1967
RG0010 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Records 1907-2004
RG0136 Graduate Student Enrollment Management Office Records 1978-2009

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International Relations

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0015 Elliott School of International Affairs Records 1907-2005
RG0102 Institute for European, Russian & Eurasian Studies Records 1964-1995

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Law, School of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0014 National Law Center Records 1865-2005
RG0123 National University Records 1875-1988

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Media and Public Affairs, School of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0090 Communication Department Records 1917-2002

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Medicine, School of

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0062 Anesthesiology Department Records 1950-1983
RG0057 Computer Medicine Department Records 1969-1997
MS0803 Freeman (Walter) and Watts (James) Papers 1918-1988
MS0709 Hawkins (Allen) Medical School Course Notes 1985-1986
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
  A Medical Center: The Institutional Development of Medical Education in George Washington University (electronic resource)  
RG0007 Medical Center Records 1825-2005
RG0045 Medical Center Public Relations Records 1913-1999
RG0061 University Hospital Records 1898-2004

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Mount Vernon Seminary and College

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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0027 Columbian Women Records 1894-2009
RG0138 George Washington University Club Records 1986-2000
RG0032 Society of the Emeriti Records 1988-1997
RG0023 Student Association Records 1935-2005
MS0156 Women's Progress Club of Washington Prayer Books 1961-1991

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Student Life

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2130 Alumni Class Materials 1823-1998
RG0113 Cherry Tree Yearbook Records 1908-2005
MS0868 Foggy Bottom Collection 1907-1998
RG0084 George Washington University. Theater and Dance Department Records 1939-1996



Office of University Relations records, Series 7: Photographs (Digital Collection)

University Historical Materials Collection, Series 1: Images and visual works (Digital Collection)



RG0114 GW Hatchet Records 1904-2005
RG0122 GW Pride Records 1971-2005
RG0056 Multicultural Student Services Center Records 1969-1992
RG0051 Office of Housing and Residence Life Records 1937-2003
RG0115 Office of Student Life Records 1915-2007
RG0134 Progressive Student Union Records 1966-2008
MS2275 Proto (Neil Thomas) Papers 1968-2006
MS0887 Ragatz (Lowell Joseph) Papers 1821-1872
RG0120 Short Run Publications 1884-2005
MS0371 University Archives Oral History Collection 1904-2006
RG0031 University Historical Material Records 1821-2012

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University Libraries

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0104 Friends of the Libraries Records 1970-2002
RG0109 Gelman Library Acquisitions Department Records 1905-1992
RG0119 Gelman Library Administration Records ca. 1825-2005
RG0108 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Collections Records  1951-1995
RG0105 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Services Records 1980-1990
RG0106 Gelman Library Media Resources Department Records 1968-1987
RG0107 Gelman Library Periodicals Department Records 1968-1985
RG0132 Gelman Library, Slavic, East European, and Asian Reading Room Records 1962-1995
RG0139 Gelman Library University Librarian Records 1991-1996
RG0058 Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library Records 1925-1989
RG0129 Jacob Burns Law Library Records 1904-1999
RG0110 Special Collections Department, Gelman Library Records 1819-2005