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Facilitating Active Learning

Excellent courses (whether on campus, online, or a combination) engage students and inspire them to achieve. Student interaction with you, as the professor, their classmates, and the material is vital for learning. 

Engaging Students in Learning

As you put your course materials together, identify how students meet three types of interactions in your course:

  • How do students connect with you, their professor? 
  • How do students connect with each other? 
  • How do students connect with the course material?

Engagement means that students create some of their learning experiences themselves—not just passively taking in information from readings, lectures, and media. Instructors can encourage, model, and facilitate student engagement through course design and teaching strategies, such as:

Utilizing Instructional Technology

Faculty have access to a variety of tools and technologies that can help make your in-person or online classroom more innovative and engaging. Blackboard, GW’s official course management system, can be used to deliver course materials, assessments, and other learning activities to your students online. In addition to Blackboard’s course management system, faculty can utilize a variety of add-on features within Blackboard and other instructional tools to create online lectures, facilitate classroom discussions, gauge student engagement, and assess student learning. Learn more about instructional technology tools through our website or attend an instructional technology workshop.

Course Design and Teaching Workshops

Instructional Technology Workshops