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Has ISIS Returned? A Conversation With Omar Mohammed

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Omar Mohammed speaking in the NCLC

Omar Mohammed previously spoke with NCLC Executive Director Justin Reash at the 38th International Churchill Conference in October, 2021, on his reporting of ISIS during its occupation of Mosul. Now, they are having a follow-up conversation to asses the recent resurgence of ISIS in Syria.

Omar Mohammed is a historian from Mosul, Iraq. During the occupation of Mosul by ISIS from 2014 to 2017, Omar created an anonymous blog titled “Mosul Eye.” The “Eye” informed the world about life under the Islamic State in Mosul. It documented the daily struggle for freedom of his city and country against the repressive ISIS regime. Omar now teaches Middle East history and Cultural Heritage Diplomacy at Sciences Po University in Paris, France. Additionally, in collaboration with the GW Program on Extremism, he recently launched the Mosul and Islamic State podcast.