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Designing for Accessibility: Presentations, Multimedia, and More

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Designing for accessibility: presentations, multimedia, and more

Digital accessibility is not only the right thing to do, but often also brings benefits to all users. Accessible design is essential for creating multimedia, presentations, and documents that take into consideration the types of accessibility issues your audience might have. This workshop will cover accessibility design practices for things like presentation design, captioning tools, and best practices for audio or video projects.

This workshop is part of the Demystifying Digital Accessibility series for GW community members seeking the tools and understanding to make their teaching, research, and communication more inclusive and accessible to all audiences. GW is committed to making all digital content, including websites, social media, documents, etc. accessible and usable for everyone.

This workshop is also part of the CREATE a Multimedia Masterpiece series for those interested in expanding their knowledge of the tools and processes for creating professional videos, podcasts, social media content, video games, or other interactive experiences. Workshops in this series are sponsored by the CREATE digital studio, located on Gelman's first floor. The CREATE digital studio provides the equipment and expertise to facilitate effective digital communication, whether in person or online. If you are looking for personalized assistance with a multimedia project, consider booking a consultation with the CREATE digital studio.

All sessions are free to GW students, faculty, staff, and alumni. GW has an institutional commitment to ensuring that all of our programs and events are accessible for all individuals. If you require any accommodations to participate in this event, please contact at least 72 business hours (3 business days) prior to the event.

In-person attendance of this workshop is open to GW students, faculty, and staff whose GWorld allows them to tap into Gelman Library. No visitors will be allowed into Gelman to attend this workshop. If you do not have access to Gelman, please attend online.