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Communicating with Digital Media: Creating a Space to Inspire

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Digital Media Creating a Space to Inspire

Do you find yourself brainstorming ways to communicate to learners and inspire them in your domain of expertise? Are there papers, videos, graphics and/or other media that you want to share with them in a targeted way outside or as a part of a course? In this workshop you will lay the foundations for creating a custom online space designed around your research interests for the purpose of communicating to and inspiring your students. Borrowing from a design thinking framework, you will collaborate with LAI experts and peers on empathizing and defining challenges students face approaching your domain expertise and design an Adobe Spark page/portfolio in a manner that is relevant to the student perspective. Along with this, you will be introduced to guiding concepts in media and learning design and apply these in ways that compliment your pedagogical practice.

Participants will recognize the value of empathy and problem definition in an introduced design thinking framework; prepare a research interest driven online portfolio leveraging fundamentals across learning, media and communications design; and create the foundations of an Adobe Spark portfolio around one's research interests that inspires student engagement.

Adobe Spark will be used for this workshop. Please download the free software in advance of the session using your GW account.

This workshop is part of the Innovative Teaching & Learning workshop series for GW instructors seeking strategies to increase student engagement, build an inclusive community, and communicate with learners in new ways. Workshops in this series are sponsored by the Instructional Core. The Instructional Core provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for instructors in search of teaching solutions. If you need feedback on assignment or syllabus design, advice on teaching methods, or ideas for new activities, consider booking a consultation with the Instructional Core.

All sessions are free to GW students, faculty, staff, and alumni. GW has an institutional commitment to ensuring that all of our programs and events are accessible for all individuals. If you require any accommodations to participate in this event, please contact libraryevents@gwu.edu at least 72 business hours (3 business days) prior to the event.

In-person attendance of this workshop is open to GW students, faculty, and staff whose GWorld allows them to tap into Gelman Library. No visitors will be allowed into Gelman to attend this workshop. If you do not have access to Gelman, please attend online.