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Gelman Hours for GWorld Holders

Remote library services and resources and virtual tutoring services are available while library buildings are closed. Assistance with all services, including locating print materials or requesting materials be digitized, is available

Instructor support for Blackboard, academic technology tools and teaching questions is available on the teaching resources for virtual learning page.  

Events at Gelman Library

If you are interested in holding an event at Gelman Library, please contact libraryevents@email.gwu.edu. All events must meet the guidelines of our events policy.

Upcoming events at GW Libraries

Gelman Events Policy

Gelman Library is an important part of campus life, providing a space for GW to collaborate and also to concentrate. We are committed to promoting academic excellence by helping the university community explore, create, and discover information in new ways and hosting special events is an important part of that.

Since many event spaces are also study spaces, we must constantly balance the needs of patrons for a central place to gather with the need for quiet study. Therefore, during the academic year, Gelman Library hosts only academic events for the GW community. Academic events include workshops, lectures, panel discussion, and conferences and are typically open to the GW community. We are unable to host meetings, receptions unrelated to an academic event, or any type of party.

Gelman Library reserves the right to place events in specific rooms based on the event type and needs of the requestor. If the information provided in the original event request changes, the event coordinator may reevaluate the event request or move the event to a different Gelman space. Please also note that some Gelman spaces were funded through philanthropy and, in those spaces, donor events take priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hold an event in Gelman?

To request and hold an event in Gelman, the requestor must be part of the GW community or must be sponsored by someone in the GW community.

What if my event has non-GW attendees?

Gelman is able to host non-GW attendees or public events, but arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance with the event coordinator.

What types of events can I host in Gelman?

During the academic year, Gelman hosts only academic events. These may include workshops, lectures, panel discussion, and conferences.

Can I host a meeting, a retirement party, or a reception?

We are unable to host meetings, receptions unrelated to an academic event, or any type of party.

Do you allow food in your event spaces?

Many of our event spaces allow food. The event coordinator will work with you to identify a space that meets your events needs.

Is there a specific caterer I need to use?

No, you can use whatever caterer you would prefer. However, all catering deliveries must be met at the entrance by an organizer and escorted into the building. As deliveries often arrive ahead of schedule or without complete information, please email details of the catering delivery and contact information for the person receiving the catering to the event coordinator at least 24-hours prior to the event to alert the entrance desk staff.

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