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ETD Approval Workflow

Flowchart summarizing the steps from ETD submission through review and approval. A full description is available in the text on our webpage.

ETD Submission Process 

Step 1

The student submits the final and approved dissertation or thesis to the ETD website. They complete the ETD Access Approval Form and submit it to their graduate school.

Step 2

The Library ETD Administrator reviews the manuscript for compliance with University formatting guidelines.

  • Step 2a: If the manuscript does not meet the formatting guidelines, the ETD Administrator sends an email requesting formatting changes to the manuscript.
  • Step 2b: The student makes the requested changes to their manuscript and uploads the revised manuscript to their ETD account.

Step 3

The manuscript is assigned to the School ETD Administrator for final review and approval when it meets University formatting guidelines.

Step 4

The School ETD Administrator reviews the manuscript and ETD Details page and checks them against the ETD Access Approval Form.

  • Step 4a: If the School identifies changes, the School ETD Administrator emails the student to request them.
  • Step 4b: If everything is correct and the student has been cleared by the Registrar's Office, the School Administrator accepts the manuscript and delivers it to ProQuest. ProQuest delivers a copy to the GW Institutional Repository.

Step 5

The manuscript and/or metadata will be published in ProQuest's database according to the publication agreement in 6-8 weeks.