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Winning Papers

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Congratulations to the winners of the Eckles Prize!

2019 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Emma Alzner, The Question of Genocide: Journalistic Framing of the Rohingya Crisis

2nd Place: Peyton Wilson, Dimensions: Intergenerational Trauma's Effect on the Mental Health and Treatment of Black Americans

3rd Place: Noor Qureishy, The Othering of Ilhan Omar: How the Media Frames Minority Congresswomen

2018 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Caitlin Chan, Jan Steen’s Young Woman with a Letter (Bathsheba with King David’s Letter): Dutch Painting in the Age of #MeToo

2nd Place: Karin Scott, Fear of the “Woman Brain”? How the Print Media’s Low Incorporation of Female Expert Sources Reflects Gender Disparity Within the Field         

3rd Place: Alexander Neumann, Double Sided Shield: The Duality of Law Enforcement Imagery in Recent News Media

2017 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Rachel Lyons, More Than Hair

2nd Place: Gina Le, From the Grave to the Stars: Analyzing Developments in Racial Power Dynamics from Black Youth Poetry from the Civil Rights Era to Now

3rd Place: Caden Grant, Late Night Politics: Using Moral Foundations Theory to Analyze Political Satire

2016 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Jack Skopowski  Ad Majora Mala Vitanda Catholic Responses to the Holocaust .pdf

2nd Place: Gabriel Falk  The Land of the Free.pdf

3rd Place: Lisa Ben-Horin  German Railroads and the Holocaust.pdf

2015 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Kevin Kearns Eckles Prize 2015_The Search for Intimacy.pdf

2nd Place: Thomas Perry Studying the New Town Movement for the Benefit of New Urbanism.pdf

3rd Place: Jacqueline Dyer Eckles Prize 2015_Birth of Modern Chemistry and Medicine in the Dutch Golden Age.pdf

2014 WINNERS: 

1st Place: Amanda Lam Hashtagging Sandy - How are the psychological effects of natural disasters expressed in social media.docx.pdf

2nd Place: Celeste Aguzino After the Storm - Analyzing Chris Christie's Use of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey's 2013 Gubernatorial Election.pdf

3rd Place: Anne Keough Application of Selectorate Theory in Explaining Idi Amin’s Cooperation with the 1976 Plane Hijacking by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.pdf


1st Place: Emma Perloff  Hierarchy, Home, and Homeland - The Dutch Golden Age in Frans Hal's Family Group in a Landscape.pdf

2nd Place: William King Of Gangsters and Bakers - Cake Boss, Stereotypes, and the Italian American Identity.pdf

3rd Place (tied): Marissa Young Fans and Fanatics of Jane Austen.pdf

3rd Place (tied): Megan Mattson Do Electoral Systems Affect Female Representation.pdf 


1st Place: Rebecca Levy  We Will Demand Nothing -The Revolutionary Potential of Occupy.pdf

2nd Place: Emily Schirvar  Network Centrality and Weapon Advocacy.pdf

3rd Place: Brianna Gurciullo  Filling the Gap, Exposing Truth, and Strengthening Democracy.pdf


1st Place: Augustus Urschel  Understanding Real Money Trading in MMORPGs.pdf

2nd Place: Ricca Prasad  Examining Fearon's Commitment Problems as a Rationalist Explanation of War through the Study of Indo-Pakistani Relations - Why has the Kashmir dispute continued for so long.pdf

3rd Place: Angela Schopke  A Study of Hasidic Jewish and Celtic Music and Dance and Their Implications on Social Survival.pdf


1st Place: Jane Olmstead-Rumsey  War of Words - Rhetoric and the US Intervention in Chile in 1973.pdf

2nd Place: Maris Kramer  I am My Lebeneh.pdf

3rd Place (tied):  Rebecca Crowder  Critical Pedagogy and Democratic Education - Applications in the Higher Achievement program.pdf and Alexander Schaper This Might Just Be My Masterpiece - The Basterds' Power of Fiction to Master and Inglorious Past.pdf


1st Place: Kirsten Ortega  Framing Homosexuality - Media influence in reconciling the film Brokeback Mountain within the limits of a heteronormative society.pdf

2nd Place: Gretchen Gasteier  Why Don't We Hear from the Women - The female voice in public settings.pdf

3rd Place: Callie Freitag  The Real World - Opening social dialogue through stereotypical casting.pdf

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