Eckles Prize Selection Criteria

All complete applications must include a cover sheet, the project, a research reflection essay, and the name of a faculty member who has agreed to sponsor the student. Complete applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

All entries will be reviewed by a committee composed of GW librarians, faculty, and staff.  All entries will be judged according to the selection criteria as demonstrated in the project and summarized in the Research Process Essay. Characteristics of the academic disciplines in which the research is conducted will be considered. The library research process is the primary focus of the Eckles Prize. Therefore, the research process essay plays a critical role in the judging process. 

The following categories are listed in the rubric the judges will use to assess the Research Process Essay and the related project:

  1. The student displays a sophisticated understanding of library collections and services. 
  2. The student evaluates sources for authority, validity, and accuracy. 
  3. The student chooses appropriate and reliable sources to address the research question. 
  4. The student demonstrates ethical, consistent, and skillful use of sources. 
  5. The student frames and investigates a research question or problem. 
  6. The student analyzes information to develop an argument. 
  7. The student sets and meets appropriate audience expectations.