Masks are required inside all GW and library buildings. Food is not allowed. Only one person may be inside a study room or use a table at a time. Library access is not available for any alumni or visitors.

Eckles Prize Selection Criteria

All complete applications must include a cover sheet, the project, a research reflection essay, and a faculty support form.  Complete applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clear and effective communication of ideas, paying attention to rhetorical strategies, the development of a clear argument, and whether or not the project makes a contribution to the scholarship in a particular field.
  • Superior breadth and depth in the use of library collections and services including, but not limited to, print resources, databases, archives and special collections, and consultation with librarians.
  • Exceptional ability to locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources.
  • Evidence of significant personal learning and the development of a habit of research and inquiry that shows potential for future application.

All entries will be reviewed by a committee composed of GW librarians, faculty, and staff.  All entries will be judged according to the selection criteria as demonstrated in the project and summarized in the research essay. Characteristics of the academic disciplines in which the research is conducted will be considered. The library research process is the primary focus of the Eckles Prize. Therefore, the research reflection essay plays a critical role in the judging process.