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Digital Stewardship Service Catalog

Digital Stewardship Services for Long-term Digital Content at GW Libraries

GW Libraries’ Digital Stewardship Services provides long-term preservation of selected unique, rare, and institutionally-created digital materials, such as student and faculty research products, University records of enduring value, and specialized cultural heritage collections. These include born-digital and digitized materials.

GW Libraries has committed to preserving and providing access to this carefully selected set of digital materials over the long term. Commitments are the result of strategic resource planning that balances the benefits of providing engaging, rich access for today’s users with key investments to support access for future users.

Through its digital stewardship commitments, GW Libraries offers three tiers (tiers 0-2) of preservation services, depending on the source, format, historical value, and access restrictions associated with the material. To read more about each preservation tier visit the GW Libraries GitHub page.

Digital Stewardship Service Catalog Staff

Senior Library Assistant, Digital Services