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Designing Digital Media

Whether you are teaching a course in-person or online, using digital media can serve as a high-impact method for communicating with your students. While curation helps, really the best media communications are those that come from you. To this end, you can work with the Strategic Digital Learning Initiatives (SDLI) media experts to help you rethink existing digital course materials, create new digital course materials, and strategize a new way to digitally communicate.

Creating Media Content

Our team can collaborate with you on a variety of high production quality digital media projects. Central to our expertise is the translation of instructional content into meaningful and visually appealing design. To support this, the SDLI staff have strong expertise in digital storytelling through audio and video production, graphics design, animation, and the formulation of a communications strategy. As strategic partners, we can work with you to understand your audience needs, match course material goals with digital media type, and work through a process to create high-impact media together. We can do this work virtually, in-person, and at our large studio space located in the School of Media and Public Affairs.

Partnering in Creative Media

If you have a media project that you would like to discuss and potentially partner with us on for in-person and online courses, please contact the Instructional Core SDLI by emailing