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Curating and Creating Course Materials

As you begin to locate or create materials and select course technology, it is important to always keep good accessibility practices in mind throughout the process. This will set the stage in creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students. Learn more about digital accessibility best practices or attend one of our digital accessibility workshops.

Curating Course Materials

Faculty can request required course material access through the library. These materials can be linked to Blackboard course sites or searchable via the library catalog. The library also provides support in accessing free teaching and learning materials that reside in the public domain.

You may also want to curate third party materials from YouTube and other sources. All materials used in Blackboard must meet GW’s accessibility policy.

Creating Course Media

The Instructional Core team includes professional staff skilled to partner with faculty in the planned instructional use and design of educational media such as audio and video recordings, graphics, animations and visualized documentation. Whether you are interested in media use for an in-person or online learning experience, Instructional Core staff can provide support for capturing on-campus and online lectures, and partnered guidance strategizing digital communications and visual storytelling through a step-by-step process.

Please note the following Instructional Core teams and how they may help with your needs.

Digital Accessibility Workshops

Digital Media Workshops