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12pm – 8pm
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Gelman 12pm – 8pm

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Managing Menus

The menus that appear in the left sidebar are created by the LAI web team. You can add items to the menu, rearrange the order of the menu items, and even control which pages the menu appears on. By default the menu for your section will appear on every page of your section in the left sidebar.

To make a page appear in the menu (or remove it from the menu), edit the page and check or uncheck the Provide a menu link box near the bottom of the page under Menu Settings.

To edit an existing sidebar menu, hover over the top right of the sidebar until you see the “gear” icon and click it. Your admin role may not allow you to make edits to the sidebar, in which case you won't see the "gear" icon (please contact laiweb@gwu.edu to determine whether permissions need to be edited or to have the LAI web team make the changes you need).

Under the “gear” icon, you have three options:

  • List Links: this is where you can drag items around to change the order. You can also hide a menu item by unchecking the Enabled box. You can also make changes to Menu link title and Description fields by clicking edit for the menu link you would like to change.
  • Edit Menu: this where you can edit the menu itself. Please discuss changes with the LAI web team prior to making changes to this area.
  • Configure Block: this is where you control the menu's appearance as a sidebar. For more on these tools see Creating and Managing Sidebars.

Remember that changes will alter the menu everywhere it appears, not just the version on the current page.


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