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New series available in the NEA collection

At a time when unions face increasing pressure and criticism from conservatives, a timely series has become available to the public; the records of the Division of Affiliate Services.  The records come to Gelman Library as a gift of John Dunlop, who worked in the NEA's Office of Negotiation, a unit of the Division of Affiliate Services.  Mr. Dunlop kept the records and performed some preliminary processing on them before donating them to George Washington University.

The records of the Affiliate Services Division contain material generated by the office while John Dunlop worked there, as well as material generated by other divisions that were critical to the operation of the offices.  The records reflect all of the work of Affiliate Services, but there is a significant amount of material related to collective bargaining and negotiation.  Researchers interested in the topic will find a lot of primary source material on the NEA's work to promote collective bargaining, such as attacks from anti-union organizations, definitions of terms and goals, field reports, joint reports prepared with the American Federation of Teachers and other allies, minutes of coordinating committees and other meetings, legislative efforts at the federal and local level, research and historical material, strategic plans and transcripts of speeches.  Below is the first page of a 1974 strategic long-range plan to assess the bargaining environment of different affiliates and determine the steps necessary to move every affiiate to collective bargaining.  To see the remaining six pages of the report, send me an email at smallen@email.gwu.edu and ask to view folder 8 or box 3096.

The finding aid for the collection can be found here: https://library.gwu.edu/ead/nea1006.xml#ref9543

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