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A New Exhibit: Building Strong Minds

There is a new exhibit on the 7th floor of Gelman Library in the hallway outside of Room 702. The exhibit is titled Building Strong Minds: The NEA's American Education Week. It is a selection of posters created by the National Education Association and/or their partner organization the Future Educators Association. The dates range from 1931 through 1981 and offer a variety of styles and themes. They were created as promotional material for the American Education Week (AEW), intended to generate public support for public education.

The first AEW took place in 1921 and have been held every year since. The activities are arranged and organized by local school districts. Events take place inside schools and serve to recognize schools' staff, involve parents and reach out to the community about the value of education. Every year follows a theme. Many times in the past, the theme has been chosen to address a new challenge the country was facing: the Great Depression, the Space Race, the Civil Rights Movement and globalization among others. The posters reflect America's growing realization as it faced these challenges that education is a right for all its citizens and essential to the nation's success.

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