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Interesting Find in the NEA Collection: Letters from Overseas Teachers

In 1947, the National Education Association created the Overseas Teacher Fund to help "wage the peace." Intended to help ease the financial burden of teachers in countries whose economies had been ravaged by war. Donations were given by individual teachers rather the organization itself, and encouraged by a speech given by soon-to-be NEA Executive Secretary William G. Carr, they donated $272,865.78 in the first year of its existence. In response, those teachers who were recipients of the money wrote thank you letters back. Those letters were collected together by the NEA and have now come to Gelman Library as part of their collection. If you are interested in viewing the books, they can be found in our catalog here and here. Please be aware that these books are stored in an offsite storage facility. If you are interested in looking at them, please contact Special Collections beforehand and let us know that you would like to see the volumes.

Letter from Mina Becker to Willard Givens in thank you

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