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New Acquisitions Exhibit

Global Resources Center is thrilled to share with you the latest books we have acquired that perceive the world from a global standpoint. We have resources in Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, covering topics in military affairs, international relations, and social history. Feel free to come to the 7th floor of Gelman and take one with you! Wait...don't feel like getting out of your cozy apartment? No worries, we also have e-books. Click the thumbnails below and start a journey of 7,000 miles at home!

Exhibit Highlights:

   Image_Wo hu cang long



Anatomiia Krakha SSSR. Chichkin, Alekseĭ Alekseevich. Moskva: Veche, 2012.

A new revisionist history of the fall of the USSR.


thumbnail_Skolko stoit russkaia ideia

Skolʹko Stoit Russkai︠a︡ Idei︠a︡?: Prakticheskie Aspekty Problemy Idealʹnogo I Nat︠s︡ionalʹnogo. Emelʹi︠a︡nov, Sergeĭ Alekseevich. Sankt-Peterburg: Aleteĭi︠a︡, 2012.

A new book dealing with philosophical and socio-political aspects of the elusive notion of the "Russian idea".


Arkhitektura Stalina: Psikhologiia I Stil'. Khmelʹnit︠s︡kiĭ, Dmitriĭ. Moscow: Progress-Tradit︠s︡ii︠a︡, 2012.

An exciting study of the history and underlying psychology of Stalinist architecture, covering the entire 3 decades of Stalinism.



thumbnail_Da guo dun pai

Da Guo Dun Pai Yu 2049 Nian de Zhongguo Dui Hua. Lin, Bai and Zihe Yan. Beijing: Zhongguo Jing Ji Chu Ban She, 1998.

The book hypothesizes what China will look like in 2049 and what kind of defense strategy China should take in the future.

thumbnail_Gu shi ping yiGu Shi Ping Yi. Mu, Zhai. Beijing: Jing Hua Chu Ban She, 1999.

This e-book provides the history and criticism of Chinese ancient poems.


thumbnail_Yi ge tuan zheng wei de shou ji

Yi Ge Tuan Zheng Wei De Shou JiWang, Enyin. Lanzhou: Lan Zhou Da Xue Chu Ban She, 1998.

Using the genre of diary, this book tells how a party cadre in the army does his political work and mobilizes the soldiers using ideology.

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