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Testimonials for the China Documentation Center

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The China Documentation Center at the Global Resource Center has given me a window into China's discourse on non-traditional security for my senior thesis. Having access to sources published in China by Chinese scholars is vital in being able to make accurate assessments of the growing superpower. Often times it is difficult to navigate online Chinese resources, so being able to go to GW's library and pick journals off the shelf was important in being able to access primary sources and execute meaningful research.

Moreover, what is amazing is that the CDC is one of, if not the premier collections of Chinese language sources in the country. While conducting research, I wanted to get access to more years of a specific journal that were unavailable at GW, but I quickly discovered that really no other library in the country had nearly as many issues of the journal as the CDC. This showed me the true value of the CDC and the need to maintain and grow the collection for future scholars. If I went to another school, I would have likely been unable to carry out the research for my senior thesis."

Marguerite Wedeman

Elliott School of International Affairs and Chinese Language & Literature major
Class of 2016

The CDC is an internationally unique repository of hard-to-find books and journals on China’s foreign policy and military affairs. Many of these materials are subject to restricted access inside China, and not available anywhere else outside of China. They are invaluable for both academic and policy-related research on contemporary China. I also encourage my own PhD students to visit the CDC to make use of its materials.

Alastair Iain Johnston

The Governor James Albert Noe and Linda Noe Laine Professor of China in World Affairs
Government Department
Harvard University

The China Documentation Center offers a unique and invaluable resource for the study of contemporary China. The collection of materials on China’s foreign and defense policies surpass those of any other Chinese language collection in the United States and in my view are a critical national resource. I would not have been able to research my second book, on China’s military strategy, without this collection. My own PhD students have benefited greatly from these materials as well. At a time when understanding China’s foreign and defense policies is more important than ever before, this collection is indispensable.

M. Taylor Fravel

Associate Professor of Political Science
Security Studies Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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