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Collection No. Collection Title Dates Finding Aid
K0007 Blondheim (David Simon) Papers 1924-1981
MS2304 Brenner (Marcella) Papers 1958-2005
MS2073 Frank (Murray) Papers 1919-1971
MAP0002 Halperin (Samuel) and Epstein (Henry) maps of the Holy Land collection 1590-1850
MS2236 Halperin (Samuel) collection 1683-2007
K0003 Hubsch (Adolph) Papers 1862 - 1897
MS2012 Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington Records 1937-1988
MS2054 Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington Records 1975-1991
MS2226 Jordan Is Palestine, Inc. Records 1983-1995
K0006 Kiev (Ari) Papers 1965-2005
K0001 Kiev (I. Edward) Papers ca. 1860-ca. 1980
K0005 Kiev Foundation Graphic Arts Collection 1493 - 1969
K0004 Kiev Foundation Pamphlet Collection 1898 - 1979
MS2243 King (Dr. Robert and Deena Barlev) Holy Land Stereoscope Cards Collection 1896-1904
MS2192 Nimrod (Dan) Papers 1938-2002
MS2026 Perl (William R.) Papers 1925-1998
K0002 Wise (Stephen S.) Papers 1907 - 1952

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