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JRC Periodicals

The Japan Resource Center subscribes to the following electronic and print periodicals. The journals are listed according to subjects: general interest, economics, history, politics, and social studies. Print periodicals are located in the GRC. For details on accessing the WRLC Catalog from off-campus, please go to Accessing the WRLC Catalog.

General interest
Aera / アエラ
Bungei Shunju / 文藝春秋
Chuo Koron / 中央公論
Jiyū / 自由
Ronza / 論座
Sapio  / サピオ
Seiron / 正論
Sekai / 世界
Shokun / 諸君
Shukan Bunshun / 週刊文春
Shukan Shincho / 週刊新潮
Voice (Boisu) / ボイス

Bank of Japan Quarterly Bulletin
Shukan Ekonomisuto / 週刊エコノミスト
Japan Company Handbook / 英文会社四季報
Japan Spotlight : Economy, Culture & History 
Shukan Toyo Keizai / 週刊東洋経済

Japanese Studies

Gaiko Shiryokan Po / 外交資料館報
Gendai Yogo no Kiso Chishiki / 現代用語の基礎知識
Japan Echo
Japan Spotlight: Economy, Culture & History
Journal of Japanese Studies (Also available electronically through JSTOR and Project MUSE)
Look Japan
Monumenta Nipponica (Also available electronically through Project MUSE)
Nihon Kenkyu (Bulletin of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies) / 日本研究

Gaiko Shiryokan Po / 外交資料館報
Japan Spotlight : Economy, Culture & History

International Affairs
Gaiko Foramu / 外交フォーラム
Gaiko Foramu (Journal of Japanese Perspectives on Diplomacy)
Kokusai Seiji / 国際政治
Gaiko Diplomacy / 外交

Asian Survey  (Also available electronically through JSTOR)
Revaiasan / リバイアサン

Kinyu Keizai Tokei Geppo (Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly) / 金融経済統計月報
Kokusai Shushi Tokei Kiho (Balance of Payments Monthly) / 国際収支統計季報
Nihon Boeki Geppyo (Japan Exports & Imports) / 日本貿易月表
Nihon Ginko Tokei (Bank of Japan Statistics) / 日本銀行統計
Nihon Tokei Nenkan (Japan Statistical Yearbook) / 日本統計年鑑

White papers

Gaiko Seisho (Diplomatic Bluebook) / 外交青書
Jetoro Boeki Toshi Hakusho (JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report) / ジェトロ貿易投資白書
Kankyo Junkangata Shakai Hakusho (Annual Report on the Environment and the Sound Material-Cycle Society in Japan) / 環境循環型社会白書
Keizai Zaisei Hakusho (Annual Report on Japan's Economy and Public Finance) / 経済財政白書
Nihon no Boei (Defense of Japan) / 日本の防衛: 防衛白書 -- also available in English
Seifu Kaihatsu Enjo (ODA) Hakusho (Official Development Assistance White Paper) / ODA白書
Tsusho Hakusho (White paper on International Trade) / 通商白書 -- also available in English

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