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Browse CDC by Subject

The China Documentation Center is growing daily. To see holdings on select topics, click on any of the subject headings below. This will execute a search in the WRLC Catalog, which includes holdings of the CDC.


To search for other subjects within the CDC collection, go to the WRLC Catalog. Follow the steps below for entering your search.

To see a list of all items held in the collection:

  1. On the "Basic Search" page, enter china documentation center in the "Search for" box under the 'Advanced Search' tab.
  2. In the "Search in" box, select Author.
  3. Click the Search button.

To conduct a keyword search on a specific topic: 

  1. Click the Advanced Search tab at the top of the page.
  2. In the "Search for" box, enter china documentation center.
  3. In the pull-down menu labeled "all of these", select as a phrase.
  4. In the "Search in" box, select author.
  5. in the 2nd 'Search for' box, enter your keyword or phrase and select appropriate options in the 'all of these' and 'Search in' boxes.
  6. Finally, click the Search button.

If you need further assistance in accessing the collection, please contact the Global Resources Center staff at (202)994-7105, Room 708, Gelman Library.

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