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Checklist for Graduation

Below is a checklist for the submission of the final and approved (post-defense) doctoral dissertations and approved theses.

  • Have you completed the credit hour requirement for your degree? Check your degree requirements in the University Bulletin and in your transcript in GWeb.
  • Did you register for the current semester (or summer session) and apply for graduation? Application deadlines for graduation are as follows:
    • Summer graduation: July 15
    • Fall graduation: November 15
    • Spring graduation: March 15
    • Graduation applications filed for past semesters are not automatically updated to the next semester or summer session. You must re-file for the current semester or summer session. Any graduation fees paid will transfer to your new application.
  • Have you added a diploma address to your record in GWeb?
  • Have you checked your name in GWeb? This is the name that will be printed on your diploma. For information regarding a name change, contact the Registrar’s Office (
  • Is your student account up to date? Check GWeb.
  • Did you carefully check your PDF before uploading to the ETD Administrator?
  • Does your title page include the correct date that degrees are conferred for Spring, Summer or Fall semester, listed on our ETD Approval deadlines page?
  • Did you check the GW University Directory for the professorial title and correct spelling of your dissertation director, co-director (if applicable), and committee members or thesis director? If any members are outside of the University, also confirm their names and titles before submission.
  • Did you use the university-required page margins and spacing, and the recommended fonts?
  • Have all blank pages been removed?
  • Is every page clear and readable?
  • Did you check pagination? Are all pages included and appropriately numbered?
  • Did you check your abstract submitted to ProQuest for the 500 word limit?
  • Have you submitted the signed ETD Access Approval Form to your graduate school office?
  • Have you registered for and completed the Graduation Student Survey? This survey may be completed online. Please forward your confirmation email from the Graduation Student Survey to your graduate office.
  • Ph.D. candidates only: have you registered for and completed the Survey of Earned Doctorates? This survey may be completed online. Please forward your confirmation email from the Survey of Earned Doctorates to your graduate office.