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Audiovisual (A/V) Production Suite

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The A/V Production Suite is an on-site video production studio tailor-made for your video and audio recording projects. Located on the first floor of Gelman Library inside of the CREATE digital studio, this versatile space is ready for you to quickly record footage or audio for your next video or podcast. 

When reserved, this space will be set up with

  • our best 4k video camera
  • tripod
  • high quality microphone
  • boom stand
  • 5-point lighting
  • green screen
  • high powered editing bay

Wondering what a green screen is or why you might want to use one? Check out this short video for a demonstration:

If you wish to check out additional equipment for use in the studio, head to our list of additional audio and visual equipment.  If you want additional guidance and insight during your visit don’t forget to book a consultation with our in-house professional, Ben Horn.