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Graduate Theses

Art & Design Collection from the Corcoran

Theses completed by graduate students of the former Corcoran College of Art + Design, as well as by continuing Corcoran School and Art Education students may be electronically available through Dissertations and Theses Online database (availability from 2007 to the present). Theses in Dissertations and Theses Online may have portions redacted.  

Theses from 2006-2013 may also be available through CANVAS - The Corcoran Archival Network for the Visual Arts. Theses in CANVAS do not have content redacted and may contain supplementary material.

Theses on DVD or CD-ROM may be housed in GW’s Special Collections Research Center (availability from 2006-2014). Theses on DVD or CD-ROM do not have content redacted and may contain supplementary material. Due to preservation issues associated with DVDs and CD-ROMs, discs may be partially or fully unreadable. Please check the library catalog for available theses.

For electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) submission requirements, refer to this guide.

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