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Interesting Find in the Collection: 1983 Letter from UTLA President Judy Solkivits to Members

Blog: NEA Blog

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is preparing its membership for a strike, having tried for 20 months to settle their differences with the Los Angeles Unified School District to no avail. The National Education Association collections contain photos of past strikes UTLA and we're sharing those here

Interesting Find in the Collection: When the National Education Association was not a Union

Blog: NEA Blog

From its founding in 1857 until the late 1960s, the National Education Association represented teachers as members but also represented school administrators. Bridging both sides of the labor-management divide as they did, the Association rejected the label of 'union' preferring to call itself a professional association. In tandem with rejecting the label, it rejected the tactics of unionism, as well. Advocating for respect by 'professionalizing the profession' were favored over strikes, collective bargaining, and adversarial relationships with administrators.

Interesting Find in the NEA Collection: Roots of America

Blog: NEA Blog

Schools have always been a crucial building block of what makes America. It is a place where our young people can learn our common history, our civic laws, and the common ideals that continue to shape our nation. It's also a place to recognize that those 'commonalities' may simply be taken from the majority. Learning about this country should mean learning about the mosaic that makes it up so we can better understand those ideals we share.

Attend a Workshop from Anywhere!

Blog: News Events

Attend a workshop onlineYour first stop to learn a new skill, improve your research, or manage and visualize your data is the GW Libraries and Academic Innovation workshop series.

National Teacher Appreciation Week

Blog: NEA Blog

May 8-May 12 is National Teacher Appreciation Week, where Americans are given the opportunity to thank the teachers who work so hard to educate us all. Thankfulness is important, but we should also remember that teachers need our support. Support can mean many things, from the individual to the institutional. One way in which teachers can be supported is by giving them what so many of us seek; job security and an assurance that they would only be let go for cause.

New Material in the NEA Collection: The Papers of Buena Stolberg, President of the Department of Classroom Teachers

Blog: NEA Blog

Picture of Buena StolbergThis past fall, the papers of Buena Stolberg, President of the Department of Classroom Teachers between 1960 and 1961, were added to the NEA collection. At the time of her presidency, teaching was still one of the few professions open to women. Perhaps indicative of a woman who rose to leadership in an Association dominated by men, Buena was ambitious.

Securing Your Drupal Site

If you’re patching your Drupal installation regularly (core and module updates) you’re halfway there.

An important disclaimer: I’m not addressing the server environment (LAMP stack) in this post, which is critical to security. If you’re using a hosting service, be sure to check on their security policies and makes sure they’re updating your server.


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