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Gelman Hours for GWorld Holders Complete Hours Info
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
Gelman 12pm – 8pm

Access to the Gelman and VSTC Library buildings is available only to residential students and to GW students, faculty, and staff who have special permission to be on campus (the on-campus cohort) and a quarantine status of "cleared." Those who are not part of the on-campus cohort will not have physical access to campus buildings. Seat reservations are required. 

Study Spaces

Group Study Floors: Group study and conversation are allowed on all or most of the floor.

Quiet Study Floors: Only silent, individual study is allowed on these floors, except in designated group spaces.

Reservable Group Study Rooms:  Private, enclosed atmosphere for study groups. GW students may reserve these rooms through our Study Room Reservation System. If not reserved, they are available to GW groups of two or more on a first come, first served basis.



Study Rooms by Floor

1st Floor- Group Study Floor
[1st floor map]

2nd (Entrance) Floor- Group Study Floor
[Entrance floor map]

3rd Floor-Quiet Study Floor
Reservable Group Study Rooms: Rooms 306-313 (on Kogan Plaza side)
[3rd floor map]

4th Floor- Quiet Study Floor
Group Study Rooms: Rooms 402 and 403
Reservable Study Rooms: Rooms 408, 409, 410 (on Kogan Plaza side), 457, 458, 459 (on 22nd Street side)
Closed study carrels (GW doctoral students only)
[4th floor map]

5th Floor- Quiet Study Floor
Reservable Study Rooms: Rooms 506, 507 (H Street side), 508, 509, 510 (Kogan Plaza side), 557, 558, 559 (22nd Street side), Carrels 547, 551
Closed study carrels (GW doctoral students only)
[5th floor map]

6th Floor-Quiet Study Floor
Reservable Study Rooms:  Rooms 608, 609 (H Street side), 605b-e (Kogan Plaza side), 605g-i, k (G Street side), 605l-n (22nd Street side)
[6th floor map]

Computers can be found on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Floors

Assistive Technology Suite (Suite 308 and 309)

The Julius Fleischman and Christine Waldvogel Assistive Technology Suite provides equal access to information for students with disabilities in support of academic excellence. The facility is uniquely designed to incorporate software and hardware to address the needs of students with print disabilities, in particular those who are blind or have low vision. The Assistive Technology Suite is reserved exclusively for students with disabilities. For more information, please contact Disability Support Services.

Note: The Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library and the Burns Law Library provide comparable study facilities for their respective students. GW medical and law students should direct inquiries about study facilities to those libraries.

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