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Timeline of the NEA Part 3


The World Confederation of Organizations of the
Teaching Profession is founded with NEA assistance.
This international body of educators works to improve
the quality of education worldwide.


In an epochal decision, Brown v. Board of Education,
the Supreme Court rules that the prevailing policy
of “separate but equal” educational programs is
unconstitutional. This ruling begins a process toward
racial desegregation in the United States.


NEA celebrates its centennial. There are
The Dallas Teachers Council sends a congratulatory postcard to the NEA on their 100th anniversary. over 2,000 NEA “birthday parties” across
the country. In Washington, D.C., President
Eisenhower cuts the cake.


The first NEA-sponsored TV series, “The
School Story,” airs on more than 200 stations.
This is followed a year later by “Meet the
Professor” and a series of public service
spots called “Parents Ask About School.”


NEA Reporter begins publication. In 1982 it is
renamed NEA Today.


President Lyndon Johnson is named Honorary
Life Member and signs into law the Elementary
and Secondary Education Act, providing $1.2 billion
for public schools.
An NEA-produced film, “Children Without,” is
nominated for an Academy Award.


The American Teachers Association, representing
educators in African-American schools in segregated states, merges with the NEA.


Braulio Alonso is NEA’s first Hispanic president.
NEA begins a drive for multicultural instruction and
improved textbook representation of minorities.
In Florida, following NEA sanctions, 58,000 educators
threaten to resign en masse if conditions in school are
not improved. The legislature votes a 71% increase in
educational funding.
NEA now has one million members.

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