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Timeline of the NEA part 1

18571909 Seal of the National Education Association

In Philadelphia, one hundred educators meet to form
a national body. Its mission is “to elevate the character
and advance the interest of the profession of
teaching, and to promote the cause of popular education
in the United States.” It is named the National
Teachers Association (NTA).


Women are formally admitted to full membership in
the NTA, after full participation from the beginning.


The NTA is renamed the National Education


NEA is incorporated in Washington, D.C.


Booker T. Washington addresses the NEA convention.
He speaks of the economic and social progress made
in those states that invested the most in higher education.


National Association of Colored Teachers is formed;
it will be renamed twice, and in 1966 will merge with the NEA as the American Teachers Association.


NEA is chartered by an Act of Congress.


Ella Flagg Young is elected NEA president.
She is the first woman to hold this office.
The NEA will shortly endorse women’s suffrage
and pass a resolution supporting equal pay for
equal work and “political equality of the sexes.”


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