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Course Planning Form

The UTLC course planning form is one way to map out a general course plan. Often, we want to jump from defining goals/objectives to laying the course out sequentially week by week. In contrast, this form encourages laying a course out based only on the goals and objectives first.

The form assumes that most goals and objectives are achieved over time. So for each goal, there is room for a series of objectives, which may increase in level of difficulty (according to a taxonomy like Bloom's). Then, for each objective, there is a list of the content that will support that objective (e.g. readings, short lectures) and a list of where and how that objective will be assessed (e.g. discussion board question, a test, an essay).

In a well-designed course, you find that content and assessments map to several objectives. You also find that a single objective can be assessed multiple ways. The plan is a high-level view of the course for planning purposes. It is different from a course schedule, to be developed later on, which gives students a weekly or daily guide to what needs to be accomplished.

Here is the general layout of the form:

Download a copy of the full Course Planning Form

Download a sample of a completed form

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