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Support for Web Projects and Sites

Technical Help for Web Content or Tools:

Please contact LIT at 994-8278 or lithelp@gwu.edu

Images and Media on the Web:

Vimeo: GW Libraries has two Vimeo accounts to host video content, either for use directly through Vimeo.com or as embedded video in our websites. This is the preferred service for video hosting, please contact us if you need access to upload or manage content on Vimeo.

Images and Video: The Libraries website supports single images as well as "sliders" for slideshow style images. It also supports embedded video from Vimeo and YouTube. Please tell us if you need help posting media content to your pages, or take a look at the Content Editor guidelines.

Suggestions or Issues with Page Content:

You can reach the content owner of the pages on the Libraries website using the link near the bottom of each page that says "this page is maintained by..."

For suggestions or issues with any Library websites please contact Ian Hardy or Christian Aldridge.

Projects and Feature Requests:

Please contact the Web Developer for Libraries Christian Aldridge to discuss new web projects or feature requests for existing web projects.