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In Memoriam: Dr. William B. Griffith

ThProfessor William Griffithe GW Libraries joins the university community in mourning a great loss: William B. Griffith, Elton Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy. A member of the GW faculty for 50 years, including long-time Philosophy Department chair and founder of the department’s graduate program, Professor Griffith will be remembered for his publicly engaged scholarship, his dedication to teaching, and his enduring commitment to faculty governance and university service.

Read here an obituary from the Department of Philosophy and the Columbian College. Below is a selected list of Professor Griffith’s academic publications, with links (where available) to online versions accessible to GW faculty, staff, and students.

“Trusteeship: A Practical Option for Realizing our Obligations to Future Generations?” in Moral and Political Reasoning in Environmental Practice, ed. by Andrew Light and Avner de-Shalit (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003). Book online.

“Economic Man as Moral Individual,” with R.S. Goldfarb and R. Dowell, Economic Inquiry XXXVI, (Oct. 1998), 645-653. Article online.

“Equality and Egalitarianism: Framing the Contemporary Debate,” Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence VII (Jan. 1994), 5-26. Article online.

“The 'Theory as Map Analogy' and Changes in Assumption Sets in Economics,” with R.S. Goldfarb, in Socioeconomics: Towards a New Synthesis, A. Etzioni and P. Lawrence, eds. Armonk. (NY: M.E. Sharpe Inc., 1991), pp. 105-129. Book in Gelman Library.

“Amending the Economist's 'Rational Egoist' Model to Include Moral Values and Norms” with R.S. Goldfarb, in Social Norms and Economic Institutions, K. Koford and J. Miller, eds. (Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan Press, 1991), pp. 39-84. Book partially online.

"Ethics and the Academic Professional", Business and Professional Ethics Journal, I (1982), pp. 75-95. Article online.

“The Relevance of Professional Philosophy,” Metaphilosophy, XIII (Jul/Oct 1982), pp. 181-200. Available by request.

“Symbolic Logic and the Appraisal of Arguments,” Teaching Philosophy I, #1 (1975-76), pp. 13-20. Available by request.

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