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Are you a graduate student working on a literature review for a thesis or dissertation?  Get serious about your scholarship and learn tips that will save your time and sanity. Our "boot camp" on Presidents' Day offers several popular workshops together - attend one or all.

All sessions will take place in Gelman Library, Room 219 and online via WebEx. GW community members may attend any session via WebEx by clicking here. 

Please bring your own computer.  Kids off school? Quiet and happily occupied offspring are welcome.

Monday, February 20 (President's Day):
9:00-9:30: The Basics of Graduate Research
9:30-10:00: Exploring Beyond Gelman: Advanced Research Skills
10:00-10:30:  Keeping Up With New Research
11:00-Noon:  Data Analysis at Your Fingertips: Using Google Sheets
1:00-1:30: The Logic of Citations: Understanding MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles
1:30-2:00:  Citation Chasing & Cited Reference Searching
2:00-2:30: Zotero In-Depth

The Basics of Graduate Research
What is a literature review, and what information do you need to begin one? Librarian Zach Elder will give you tips on how to begin your search, discover keywords, and narrow your topic. Save time and frustration by discovering how to find the right databases and resources for your discipline using GW Libraries’ tools.

Exploring Beyond Gelman: Advanced Research Skills
How do you know what research is out there? How can you discover what is available beyond the GW Libraries? Be sure with a comprehensive search of all published book literature using Worldcat. This workshop is best for disciplines that write books, especially the humanities and social sciences.

Keeping Up With New Research
A successful graduate student participates in the research conversation of their field. Librarian Debbie Bezanson will show you how to keep up with new research in your area of study. You'll learn how to set up journal table of contents alerts, search alerts, and identify key journals in your field.

Data Analysis at Your Fingertips: Using Google Sheets
Like other spreadsheet software, Google Sheets provides powerful tools for aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing data. This workshop covers core features of Sheets, including pivot tables and charts, as well as importing and sharing data.

The Logic of Citations: Understanding MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles
Are you baffled by how to cite your sources and why it is even necessary? This short workshop will clear up the confusion and help you understand the fundamentals of citation, as well as the particular expectations of the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. Librarian Tolonda Henderson will discuss both print resources (books, journal articles, etc.) and digital resources (web pages, etc.).

Citation Chasing & Cited Reference Searching
How do you build on someone else's research? How do you find the research they used? Librarian Dorinne Banks will show you how to chase down those citations like a pro in this short workshop.

Zotero In-Depth
Once you've done all that research how do you keep track of it? Do you wish you had a way to keep all your citations in one place? Come learn about Zotero, "a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite and share your research sources."

If you can't make it to all of the sessions or need more information be sure to check out the research guide "What Graduate Students Need to Know."

Your first stop to learn a new skill, improve your research, or manage and visualize your data is the GW Libraries and Academic Innovation workshop series. Many library workshops are being offered in real time via WebEx and you can participate fully in these sessions from your home, office, or anywhere you have a computer and internet access. Online or in-person, library workshops are free for GW students, faculty, and staff. Below is a list of upcoming workshops set up for remote attendance:

Research Data

Data Demystified | FRI 2·24 | 11:30-Noon
Data Management | FRI 2·24 | Noon-12:30
Data Analysis at Your Fingertips Using Google Sheets | MON 2·20 | 11-Noon
Collecting Social Media Data with Social Feed Manager | TUE 2·14 | Noon-1:30pm

Visualizing Data with GIS

Intro to Geographic Information Systems | WED 1·25 | 5-6pm
Finding GIS Data and Resources | WED 2·8 | 5-6pm
GIS Interface Basics | WED 2·22 | 5-6pm

Ready to Work Career Series

Developing Engaging Presentations | THU 3·2 | 11:30-12:30 
Building a WordPress Portfolio |  FRI 3·31 | 11:30-12:30 

Research at the Next Level

Monday, February 20

Basics of Graduate Research | 9-9:30am 
Exploring Beyond Gelman: Advanced Research Skills | 9:30-10am 
Keeping Up with New Research | 10-10:30am

Friday, March 3

Basics of Graduate Research | 1-1:30pm
Exploring Beyond Gelman: Advanced Research Skills | 1:30-2pm 
Keeping Up with New Research | 2-2:30pm

Citations Made Simple

Monday, February 20

The Logic of Citations: Understanding MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles | 1-1:30pm 
Citation Chasing & Cited Reference Searching | 1:30—2 pm 
Zotero In-Depth | 2-2:30pm

Friday, March 3

The Logic of Citations: Understanding MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles | 10:30-11am 
Citation Chasing & Cited Reference Searching | 11-11:30am
Zotero In-Depth | 11:30 – Noon

New web design showing on computer monitorThe library webpages (library.gwu.edu) are getting a new look before the new academic year begins in January, 2017! This new look will bring the library website more in line with GW's other sites and improve the experience for our users. While things will look different when you visit in January, most things will not change. You'll still find the same content in the same places and the same menu items. Below is a summary of what you can expect. Check back here for updates and a sneak preview!

Things that WON'T change:

  • Menu names and items that appear when mousing over them will remain the same.
  • While header and footers will change, the content between them will not change except on the home page.
  • The look of the search box will change, but the search options and the results they return will not be affected.  
  • URLs will remain the same. No need to update bookmarks or syllabi because of this change.

Things that WILL change:

  • The home page will look and feel more current and more like GW. 
  • A new header on each internal page will add easy options to access popular pages.
  • A new footer presents easier to read infomation and links.

Congratulations to our two 2017 Kiev Fellows who will be starting their research in the Kiev Judaica Collection in the spring semester. The biennial Kiev Judaica Collection Fellowship Program provides an award for short-term scholarly research, creative, or educational projects informed by the holdings of the I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection. These awardees will present their work at the end of the fellowship in an open event for the community. 

Melanie Meyers is a senior manager for reference and outreach at The Center for Jewish History. She will use materials in the Kiev Collection that were both stamped by the Nazi confiscation stamp, and may also have passed through the Offenbach Depot, in her research on looted books and libraries during WWII and it’s aftermath. Her project traces the path of books from their original repositories through the sorting point of the Offenbach Archival Depot, where they were either returned to their origin libraries, or sent to alternate institutions. Her team at The Center for Jewish History have spent years creating and maintaining a digital map of these libraries, which they hope to expand with additional educational resources developed during this fellowship. 

Garrett Dome is a GW sophomore majoring in philosophy. His project will examine the writings of Maimonides in both the context of Jewish history and philosophy, focusing on the Moreh Nevukhim, otherwise known as The Guide for the Perplexed, which contains Maimonides most essential philosophical writings. He will use a copy of Maimonides’ Guide translated by Samuel ibn Tibbon, which is available in the Kiev Collection. Working with a translator, Garrett will focus on Tibbon's translation from 1204 as a way to understand the nuances and complexity of Maimonides’ language. 



Mount Vernon WomenThe GW University Archives is proud to announce, GW Past, a new online resource featuring essays, lists and timelines designed to share highlights and summaries from GW's nearly 200-year history. This includes information about GW's founding and location, as well as brief histories of some of the past and present schools and divisions that make up GW.

GW Past joins our digital collections pages as part of our committment to making GW history as accessible as possible through ongoing programs to digitize and publish historical GW photographsGW publications and GW student publications

GW Past is a service of the GW University Archives, which is a rich resource for information on GW's history. If you don't see an answer to your question online, if you are looking for more in-depth information, or if you have additional historical material to contribute, please contact University Archivist Christie Peterson or email archives@gwu.edu.

International Collections ShowstoppersWednesday, November 30
3:00-6:00 p.m.
Global Resources Center (Gelman 708)
International candy!

Check out some of our favorite acquisitions found only in the Global Resources Center (Gelman 708). From Iranian schoolbooks to Russian resistance zines; from Japanese literature to Chinese military newspapers; from North Korean textbooks to classic works of Islamic law, the GRC's librarian-experts have chosen some of their most unique and interesting pieces to give you a break from studying! A diverse selection of international candy will be available to try and GRC experts will be on hand to answer any and all questions about the material.

On display, will be rare and special holdings in the areas of:
Samizdat, Tamizdat, and Underground Rock
Resistance and Dissent
Islamic Law – Highlights from the Damghani Collection
Government Documents and Statistics
Language, Education, and Literature
Security and Terrorism


General David PetraeusFriday, December 16
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
National Churchill Library & Center (Gelman 101)
RSVP required

Please join us as the National Churchill Library and Center welcomes General David Petraeus for a discussion on strategic leadership and current global challenges, and a reflection on Winston Churchill as a leader in war and peace. RSVP is required for this exclusive event so please reserve your seat here

General Petraeus, a renowned counterinsurgency expert, served for nearly four decades in the U.S. Army. His commands included coalition forces in Iraq, U.S. Central Command, and coalition forces in Afghanistan. He was widely credited for his leadership of the Surge in Iraq that sharply reduced sectarian violence. Upon his retirement from the military, he took up the post of CIA Director. The General is a Partner with the global investment firm KKR, and the Chairman of the KKR Institute.

Located on the 1st floor of Gelman Library, the National Churchill Library and Center is the first research center dedicated to the study of Sir Winston Churchill in our nation’s capital. The new center’s research resources and interdisciplinary programs offer GW students, faculty, researchers, and the public the opportunity to examine the life and legacy of Churchill.

GW Libraries Thanksgiving HoursThe GW Libraries are thankful for our terrific patrons (and a few days off!) Please note the building closures and changed hours for the Thanskgiving holiday.

Gelman Library Thanksgiving Hours:
Wednesday, Nov. 23  - Gelman building closes at 6pm*
Thursday, Nov. 24 & Friday, Nov. 25  -  Gelman is CLOSED*
Saturday, Nov, 26  -  Open from noon-6pm* 
Sunday, Nov. 27  -  Open at 9am to resume 24-hour access
*24-hour building access is not available during this time.

Eckles Library Thanksgiving Hours:
Tuesday, Nov. 22 - 8am-11pm
Wednesday, Nov. 23  -  8am-5pm
Thursday, Nov. 24, Friday, Nov. 25, & Saturday, Nov. 26  -  Eckles is CLOSED
Sunday, Nov. 27  -  3pm-3am

VSTC Library Thanksgiving Hours:
Thursday, Nov. 24 & Friday, Nov. 25  -  VSTCL is CLOSED*
*24-hour building access is not available during this time.

Twitter birdAre you researching the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election cycle? GW students and researchers can access 279 million tweets from candidates, parties, conventions, and debates collected between July 13, 2016 and November 10, 2016 using Social Feed Manager.  This includes 3.6 million tweets collected from election day/night. Social Feed Manager (SFM) was developed by GW Libraries to support campus research about social media including Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Sina Weibo.  The data set is described more fully on Dataverse, where the tweet IDs are available for public download.  GW students and researchers, however, may request access to the complete tweets.

Email libdata@gwu.edu to request access to the election data set, to get started with Social Feed Manager, or to schedule a research consultation.

Social Feed Manager is hosted and run by GW Libraries and harvests data and websites from free public sources provided by the platforms. You can receive data in several formats, including CSV, Excel, and JSON. SFM is hosted and run by GW Libraries and harvests data and websites from free public sources provided by the platforms. We collect social media data for research, archiving, and academic purposes.

Recently published research using data from SFM:


President George Whitefield Samson, ca. 1862. GW's 5th president, 1859-1871. RG0031, University Historical Material records.The Office of the President records (RG0002) is undergoing a re-organization beginning November 4 and continuing for 4-6 weeks. During this time it is completely closed to researchers. We look forward to providing you with improved access to this collection in December, 2016. Please contact the Special Collections Research Center with any questions. 

The Office of the President records, series 4, contains correspondence, reports, and other amazing documents. These materials range from GW’s 2nd president, Stephen Chapin (1828-1841), to GW’s 19th president, Stephen J. Trachtenberg (1988-2007), and all who served in between. The records reflect some of the most significant events in GW’s history, including the development of the University, the accreditation of various schools and programs, integration, prizes awarded, speeches and inaugural materials, and the minutes of different schools such as Columbian College,  the Law School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Browse the online finding aid for more information: /ead/rg0002.xml#ref1109


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