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GW's Electronic Theses and Dissertations Submission Website

The George Washington University is excited about its electronic theses/dissertations initiative.

Students can now publish their theses/dissertations in electronic format. Electronic theses/dissertations can include content that was not easily integrated into paper-based documents, such as high-resolution graphics, charts, pictures, and photographs.

Also, theses/dissertations can be made available to faculty, potential employers, and interested readers worldwide instantaneously through the Internet.

 After accepting electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) on a voluntary basis for a some years and with the introduction of the GW Proquest ETD website in Fall 2007, GW began requiring that ALL doctoral dissertations be submitted electronically to Proquest/UMI starting in Spring 2008.  Proquest/UMI is the nation’s archiver and distributor of doctoral dissertations.

Starting in Spring 2009, GW requires that master’s theses be submitted through this electronic process (see Submitting Master’s Theses for more information).

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