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Formatting Your Content

In order provide a professional and consistent look, a set of general, uniform formatting requirements have been established for GW theses and dissertations with respect to page margins, pagination, page order, and required pages in the front matter. Within this formatting framework, some of the individual colleges or school have specific formatting requirements. These specific formatting requirements are built into MS Word Templates (Title Page through the Abstract Page) for each school or college.  Annotated Style Guides for GW dissertations and master's theses for individual colleges or schools provide a visual guide and detailed explanations about required content and formatting.

MS Word Resources: Links to online resources and training guides for MS Word for assistance with these software applications.

LaTeX Resources: Links to online resources and training guides for LaTeX for assistance with this program application.

Working with PDFs: Links to information about converting Word and LaTeX files and websites to PDF file format. In addition it provides information on how to easily check your page margins using tools in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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