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Students writing their ETDs in LaTeX may wish to use an editor for Windows computers such as WinEDT ( The advantage of using WinEDT is that it can compile a document using PDFLaTeX, which generates a PDF as the final output. The procedures are very simple within WinEDT:

1. Open your .tex file

2. Save your document in .pdf archival format

3. Click on the PDFLaTeX icon

4. The PDF appears.

LaTeX Guides and Training Sites

Information about using LaTeX is available through the following websites:

GW Resources:

  • Publishing in the Sciences: Has links to LaTeX guides under the tab Authoring Tools.
  •  Available campus-wide.
  • your LaTex file to a PDF. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro can be found on the public terminals in both Gelman and Eckles Libraries and many of the classrooms and  computer labs across the GWU Campuses.
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