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Wikipedia Loves Libraries: Editathons Use GRC and Labor Resources to Improve Wikipedia

Ever wondered just who is creating those Wikipedia articles we all rely on to get acquainted with a topic? As a part of Wikipedia Loves Libraries, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Labor History Research Center hosted two Wikipedia Editathons in October. The events brought together a diverse group of Wikipedians, students, Teamsters employees, National Security Archive staff, and librarians to add and improve Wikipedia content relating to international topics and labor history. The first, held on Saturday October 20, 2012, was hosted by Gelman Library’s Global Resources Center (GRC) and focused on international topics supported by GRC holdings.  The second, held Saturday, October 27, was hosted by the Teamsters Labor History Research Center and focused on labor topics supported by the Center’s extensive holdings in labor history.

Wikipedian Jim Hayes (Slowking4) kicked things off at each event with a presentation outlining Wikipedia’s global reach and vision and its guiding principles for contributing content. He also detailed the way consensus is sought in posting entries.  Attendees then dove into Wikipedia, searching for articles of interest and finding ways to improve them by adding well-sourced facts, timelines, and images or by improving grammar and wording. More than 20 articles were created or improved, and attendees left with the skills and confidence to continue adding content on their own. For more details on the event and its outcomes, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/DC/WLL/2012/2.

Gelman Library plans to offer another Wikipedia Editathon in the spring. Is there a topic that interests you?  Let us know and we can work together to create the next Editathon!


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