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New Resource: The Woodlothian, "A Monthly Paper for the Store Family"

woodlothian christmas 1924Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Drink 2 glasses to a quart of water per day. Walk instead of taking a car. Get lots of exercise. Are these health tips on a website from 2012? No! These tips appeared in the January 1925 Woodlothian newsletter for the employees of the Woodward & Lothrop Department Store.

The SCRC recently received a donation of nine issues of The Woodlothian (1924-1925). These issues contain a wealth of information about the Woodward & Lothrop Department Store (affectionately nicknamed “Woodies”) and more specifically about the employees. 

The newsletters are filled with personal information about employees, including where they ate Thanksgiving dinners, where they vacationed, when they got married, and when they had children. The newsletters also have customer service advice, dress code revisions, reports of buyers’ trips, and the scores and highlights for the men’s and women’s athletic clubs. A great deal of historical information about the founders can be found, including biographical essays and photographs of the different DC store locations, the founders, and employees in recreational activities.

Our issues of The Woodlothian can be found in our Individual Manuscripts collection. Let us know if you'd like to see them!

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