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Data Sources

Student Enrollment Data

You can access GW student enrollment data from the Office of Institutional Research's enrollment dashboard. You can learn more about each aspect of this dashboard below:

  • Enrollment overview: The first chart shows total number of enrolled students by year and by graduate/undergraduate/non-degree. The table underneath the chart shows enrollment by school, level, and status where you can filter by year.
  • Total enrollment by level and campus: A bar chart and table show on-campus, off-campus, and Virginia campus enrollment numbers. You can filter by specific campus, school, and/or major.
  • Enrollment by gender/race/ethnicity: You can look at two different charts and one table - student enrollment by gender, by ethnicity, and by gender and ethnicity combined. You can also filter by country and state.
  • International enrollment map: The darker blues represent higher numbers of enrolled students. You can scroll down for an alphabetical list of countries as well.
  • Create enrollment table: Choose the data and filters that you want to create customized tables.


Impact of Inflation on the GW Libraries' Budget

This infographic examines the exponentially rising costs of subscriptions and how that affects the Libraries' purchasing power.



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