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Staff Directory

Entrance Services: 994-9870  

Consortium Loan Service (CLS): 994-1306  

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): 994-7128  

Check Out: 994-6840  

Academic Technologies Help: 994-7900  

For a listing of staff by department please view the Library Departments Directory page.

GW Libraries can be reached at (202) 994-6558 and gelman@gwu.edu, or see our contact page for more ways to reach us (including chat). There's a lot more at Ask Us.

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Name Title Phone Library Group Location Room
Wanda Almodovar Library Coordinator, Access Services Access Services Gelman Library
Dorinne Banks Education Librarian 202-994-2250 Reference Gelman Library
Quinn Baron Web & Multimedia Specialist 994-6253 Communications Gelman Library
Teena Bedola Help Desk Analyst 994-8278 LIT Gelman Library 607
Shmuel Ben-Gad Reference and Collection Development Librarian 689-5153 Reference Gelman Library 547
Debbie Bezanson Senior Research Librarian 994-6924 Reference Gelman Library 709G
Michael Bishop Director, National Churchill Library and Center 994-4744 Gelman Library 102A
Kelly Brown Library Specialist Access Services Gelman Library
Ann Brown Reference & Instruction Librarian 994-1351 Reference Gelman Library
Shelly Buring Curatorial Assistant Kiev Collection Gelman Library
Glenn Canner Manager, Resource Sharing & Course Reserves 994-0629 Access Services Gelman Library 220B
Shirley Chang Analyst & Database Specialist 994-6834 RDG Gelman Library
Peter Cohn Director of Research Services 994-9241 Reference Gelman Library
Thomas Connors IBT Labor Archivist 994-1216 SCRC Gelman Library
Peter Costolanski GRC Library Manager 994-7105 GRC Gelman Library 708
Michael Cummings Library Systems Coordinator 994-4806 STG Gelman Library 607
Amanda Darby Library Supervisor, Access Services 202-591-6644 Access Services Gelman Library 200
Robin Delaloye Director of Communications & Outreach 994-6780 Communications Gelman Library 602c
Dawn deVillasana Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives 994-3766 Gelman Library B04
Aditya Dharne Student Programmer STG Gelman Library 607
Zachary Elder Librarian Research Librarian Gelman Library
Shira Eller Art and Design Librarian 994-4845 Reference Gelman Library
Natalie Ellis Administrative Associate, NCLC (202) 994-48278 Gelman Library 102
Valerie Emerson ETD Administrator/E-Resources 994-2041 E-Resources Gelman Library
David Ettinger Reference & Instruction Librarian 994-1355 Reference Gelman Library 303
Emanuel Fang Library Specialist II 994-6847 MAG Gelman Library
Qali Farah Library Specialist I 994-1368 SAG Gelman Library
Valerie Fliss Course Reserves & Resource Sharing Specialist 994-2591 Access Services Gelman Library
Amanda French Project Manager, Resilient Networks to Support Inclusive Digital Humanities Grant Admin Gelman Library
Patricia Garcia Human Resources Associate 994-9671 Human Resources Gelman Library 606P
William Gillis Director of Research Services 994-7513 Reference Gelman Library
Barbra Giorgini Executive Director 994-1336 Admin Gelman Library 606-A
Mandy Gooch Data Services Librarian 994-2435 Reference Gelman Library 303G
Tricia Greenstein Access Services Coordinator 994-6840 Access Services Gelman Library
Christopher Gross E-Resources Specialist 994-3264 E-Resources Gelman Library
Elizabeth Harter Humanities Librarian 994-1356 Reference Gelman Library 303
Yan He China Studies Librarian 994-0624 GRC Gelman Library 708
Tolonda Henderson Reference & Instruction Librarian 994-4758 Reference Gelman Library
Geneva Henry Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation 994-9418 Admin Gelman Library
Yunkyoung Kang Korean-Language Cataloger GRC Gelman Library
Elisabeth Kaplan Associate University Librarian 994-5081 Admin Gelman Library
Dan Kerchner Senior Software Developer 994-7947 STG Gelman Library 607
David Killian Collections Development & Reference Librarian 242-6623 Reference Gelman Library
Jennifer King Collections Coordinator & Manuscripts Librarian 994-0628 SCRC Gelman Library
Stacey Kinsel Library Specialist Access Services Gelman Library
Lauren Knoche Night & Weekend Manager, Eckles Library 242-8294 Access Services Eckles Library
Leslie Laurie Student Web Producer STG Gelman Library 607
Rebecca Lee Assistant Director of Development 994-0312 Development Gelman Library 602
David Lemmons Manager, Eckles Library 202-242-6621 Research Librarian Eckles Library
Jenny Lesselbaum Finance Assistant 994-8324 Admin Gelman Library
Joscelyn Leventhal Distance Education/Off-Campus Services Librarian 994-5680 Reference Gelman Library
Justin Littman Software Developer STG Gelman Library 607
Sterling Lott Library Specialist I 994-6848 SCRC Gelman Library
Alan Mark Jr. Metadata Specialist 994-6848 RDG Gelman Library
Barrett Matthews State Authorizations Coordinator 994-4240 Admin Gelman Library
Holley Matthews Library Specialist 994-6840 Access Services Gelman Library
Regina Mays Finance Director 994-1319 Admin Gelman Library
Kean McDermott Technology and GIS Specialist 994-6521 LIT Gelman Library 607
Mark Medina Library Specialist II 994-6846 MAG Gelman Library
Matt Mihalik Director of Scholarly Technology & IT Operations 994-0489 LIT Gelman Library
Abdul Mohamad Library Specialist 994-9870 ESrv Gelman Library
Tara Patterson Library Manager II (571)553-3774 VSTC Library 181
Noah Paulovic Resource Sharing Specialist, CLS 994-1306 Access Services Gelman Library
Jean Pec Head of Preservation 994-8886 Gelman Library
Christie Peterson University Archivist 994-3925 SCRC Gelman Library
Nia Phillips Human Resources Associate 994-1346 Human Resources Gelman Library
Dominique Pierce Systems Specialist 994-5021 LIT Gelman Library 607
Tina Plottel Instruction & Reference Librarian 994-2294 Reference Gelman Library
Michael Pounds Resource Sharing Specialist, ILL 994-7128 Access Services Gelman Library
Tina Presson Library Specialist/Student Coordinator 994-9870 ESrv Gelman Library
Sharon Presson Library Specialist 994-9870 ESrv Gelman Library
Alexander Pullen HR Manager 994-1369 Human Resources Gelman Library
Leah Richardson Public Services Coordinator & Outreach Librarian, Special Collections 994-3263 SCRC Gelman Library 704
Monecia Samuel Liaison Librarian United States Institute of Peace 994-5597 Reference Gelman Library
Mitsuyo Sato Okinawa Collection/Japan Resource Center Librarian 994-6014 GRC Gelman Library 708
Jackie Shieh Resource Description Coordinator RDG
Vakil Smallen NEA Project Archivist 994-1371 SCRC Gelman Library 704P
Dolsy Smith Collections Strategist 994-7550 Reference Gelman Library 551
Keturah Solomon Access Services Supervisor 994-9870 ESrv Gelman Library
Hannah Sommers Associate University Librarian 994-8643 Admin Gelman Library
Angela Spidalette Events Coordinator 202-329-3066 Admin Gelman Library 602b
Maxwell Starkenburg Web Designer Communications Gelman Library
Amanda Steinberg Middle East and North Africa Librarian 994-0948 GRC Gelman Library
Morgan Stoddard Director of Research Services 994-7566 Reference Gelman Library
Tracy Sullivan Executive Director of Development, GW Libraries and Academic Innovation 994-8928 Development Gelman Library 602
Yecheng Tan Student Programmer STG Gelman Library 607
Armand Tchokokam Director of Resource Planning Admin Gelman Library
Kim To CLS Manager 994-1665 Access Services Gelman Library
Rachel Trent Digital Services Manager 994-4824 SCRC Gelman Library 704Q
Ernest Valmonte Library Specialist II 994-1323 MAG Gelman Library
Courtney Vaughn Special Assistant to the Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation 994-0985 Admin Gelman Library 606
Christopher Walker Archives Specialist 994-9292 SCRC Gelman Library
Jennifer Wesson Head of Access Services 994-2937 Access Services Gelman Library 220A
Joyce Whitmore Serials & Electronic Resources Manager 994-0581 SAG Gelman Library
Laura Wrubel Software Development Librarian 994-6536 STG Gelman Library
Yesenia Yepez Student Liaison Communications Gelman Library 220
Mark Yoffe Russia, Eurasia Eastern and Central Europe Research Center Librarian 994-6303 GRC Gelman Library
Keliy Zechariah Library Specialist 994-6840 Access Services Gelman Library
Cathy Zeljak Director, Global Resources 994-0124 GRC Gelman Library
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